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We strive to not just create world class websites but also work closely with our customers to assist them in achieving their business goals.

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Website Testimonials

We have been working with John now since we first opened in October 2012.

His advice, years of industry knowledge and expertise has helped us exponentially to maximise our advertising dollar and in many ways brand & present our business the way that we want it.

Increasing exposure over varied media is often difficult in a new business with loads of competitors, especially franchises that have huge backing and marketing formulas.

John has worked with us to focus on how we can maximise our advertising budget expenditure. Everyone is wanting a piece of you, they promise everything and most times deliver minimal conversions for the money spent. John is like having an insider that knows the patterns, knows the results - you will save money and angst of spending and getting no result.

John has made us think about what differences we have in our product and services in the marketplace and how to put this across in the most effective way Nowdays that is the most important advantage - standing out from the crowd!

John uses human behaviour and years of knowledge, constant industry research to advise and create - all in liaison with us as the owners. He doesn't pitch to us, he works with us.

This is gold to us and we are rapt with the partnership that we have with Mediaworx.

Needless to say if you are a fitness centre owner/competitor - BACK OFF - he is ours!

Joe Catalano & Raquel Powley ~ Owners VAMPFit gym ~ Bunbury CBD.~ Ph: 08 9791 8858

"Thankyou Mediaworx for a great job! For the past 18 months, I have toyed with the idea of setting one up for my business but it all seemed very daunting.. Mediaworx came to my rescue! John developed a website that looked professional and brought my business instant success. Within days of my business going online, I had calls from a host of new clients, from them booking in for treatments, to buying packages, gift vouchers and products.

Who would have thought it would happen so quick? With John's knowledge, he optimised search engines so my business came in
at the number 1 spot! Literally putting my business on the map and best of all, within my budget.

I found John to be very professional, creative and easy to work with. Thanks again Mediaworx, here's to further success..."

Sheree, Manager / Owner. Revival Beauty Clinic, Bunbury. 08 9792 5227

(as is, unedited) "Hi John, Yeah !!!!!
We have hit the no 1 spot today. When you type in natural olive oil skin care, up comes us.

Absolutely bloody wonderful !!!!!!!!!
Couldn't be happier. you are amazing. Getting photos to you as soon as possible, along with blurbs about
our soaps etc.

Thanks for being so helpful John.
We are very happy to have found you"

Maclyn Grove Skincare.

Lyn. 9731 6408

"We are extremely happy and are appreciative of your efforts to date...

Once again I appreciate your extended efforts and we are truly grateful of how flexible and understanding you have been with the creating of such a good product..."

Scott - Ormarc Engineering Bunbury

"RANZA Australia Wide hits the top spot! WOW.. That's super news. Well done John" was what greeted us when we opened our emails!

RANZA are a Rural recruitment agency and hit the top spot for their primary search terms...

Prue - Manager

RAY WHITE REAL ESTATE: "..more visitors to the site, and also Google as you have shown us - office is very pleased.. The site looks excellent and everyone is very pleased with the results and also the Google searches"

NANNUP HIDEAWAY COTTAGES: "I recently had a new web site created by Bunbury Mediaworx. I am very happy with the final product and receiving positive feedback from customers. John has been very understanding of the businesses needs and objectives. The follow up service has been excellent and you can contact John at anytime for assistance. I think the product and the results speak for themselves" - Chris. Nannup Cottages.

No Geeks here!

We are are not just 'Geeks' who code websites.
We are also marketers with over 24 years experience that we build into all our websites.

Our goal is not only to deliver you a world class website but one that makes you money!

The days of 'I need a website, like I need a business card' are long gone. People now 'Google' what they want and being 'up there' in the search results, is of prime importance. Your website reflects your business and what it stands for. It has now become the 'face' of your business to those outside of your immediate area.

Your website is an extension of your business.. a place where you sell your products or services.. a place where you make some money.. Well, it SHOULD be!

Yesterday, it was "botties on seats"
Today, it is "eyeballs on screens"

*Disclaimer: Whilst no one can guarantee a first or second page result for high ranking search terms. ALL our sites to date have!
Including number 1 spots on Google Australia. One also getting the number 1 ranking spot on Yahoo7. Search engines often change the algorithms that determines website positions in their search results.. and whilst we cannot g'tee a first or second page ranking,
Our results to date, speak for themselves..

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